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An initial response to the government's Planning White Paper
16th September 2020
The Government has published Planning for the future, a white paper proposing radical changes to the planning system
11th August 2020
Early-stage support and funding is critical for a thriving community-led housing sector
An independent evaluation of the National CLT Network's Start Up Fund says the programme has advanced the community led housing sector as a whole and proven the need for early-stage support.
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23rd July 2020
Law Commission backs leasehold reform for CLTs
19th June 2020
"Build Back Better": How community-led housing could help rebuild the economy
13th May 2020
A role for the movement in the post-COVID economic recovery
How can community-led housing help us build our way out of the recession? Read the NCLT article here
6th April 2020
Affordable Housing Commission report urges Government to support Community Led Housing
Influential independent housing commission urges Government to increase its support for the community led housing movement, in part through a renewed Community Housing Fund (CHF).
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3rd March 2020
23,000 community led homes at risk if government fund isn’t renewed
30th January 2020
A new report
from the government-backed Building Beautiful Commission sets out the critical role community land trusts can play to help ordinary people have more control over new development and safeguard places for the long-term benefit of communities.
November 2019
What do the manifestos say on CLTs and community led housing and what does it mean for us all?
26th September 2019
NCLT News: successful Cohesive Communities Fund : applicants announced
"CLTs building beautifully": July 2019
Anyone involved with community land trusts will find a lot to cheer in the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission’s interim report, Creating a space for beauty.
This government commission has come to the conclusion that local communities want real influence, and that we want more beautiful homes, neighbourhoods and settlements. Community Land Trusts are praised throughout the report.
3rd July 2019: Rural Housing Week. A time to consider the positive impact community land trusts can have.

The NCLT says: A great piece on CLTs by Dorset Council's housing lead. "The single most important element to any successful CLT is to be open, honest and transparent, and to keep the community informed and involved every step of the way."
Homes England Strategic Plan 2018/19 to 2022/23
Watton Village Smart Community Housing, Bridport
"A holistic approach to social, economic and environmental sustainability, creating an energy efficient housing development…."
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Background to setting up the project
Proposals for design & environment
Additional information
Extract from SWLEP report 2017 (South West Local Enterprise Partnership) with link to full report
Key Findings and Recommendations 2017
“The commission heard evidence that planning often restricts development of housing in rural areas on sustainability grounds, on the assumption that occupiers would need to travel by car to urban areas to access employment. It is the commission’s view that this assumption is too simplistic and fails to recognise the employment opportunities in rural areas (which are less visible), the advent of electric cars and alternative transport solutions, the increase in home working, as well as the viability and sustainability of rural communities themselves.”
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