NCLT and community housing
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8th July 2021
"Housing as if community mattered"

What did the Archbishop of Canterbury mean when he wrote this in his foreword to his housing commission's report?
"If the purpose of housing was understood as building homes and communities, not merely building accommodation with bricks and mortar, the whole nature of the industry would be changed.”
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7th May 2021
The latest on government funding streams for recovery and regeneration
11th March 2021
The NCLT has just submitted its response to the government’s ‘Right to Regenerate’ consultation (see below), which sets out plans to make it easier for communities to buy underused publicly owned land and derelict buildings.
16th January 2021

Government launches 'Right to Regenerate' consultation

Provides opportunities for CLTs
December 2020
Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (SHICC)
EU Policy Conference on CLTs

- Acknowledging the need to encourage and support initiatives for adequate housing, this event promoted stronger political engagement from EU stakeholders to support CLTs. View the press release here
10th November 2020
Creating lasting CLH legacies: the road to 2025 and beyond