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Wanted - your walks!

Have you walked the paths and byways in our group Parish area (including Blackdown, Broadwindsor, Burstock, Drimpton, Greenham, Hursey, Kittwhistle, Littlewindsor, Oathill and Seaborough)? Recent lockdowns and social distancing have really reinforced the benefits, where possible, of getting out of the four walls for a walk.
Plans are afoot to gather some favourite routes and perhaps create new ones, on existing rights of way, which will help us to enjoy the variety of scenery, places of interest, rest and refreshment stops and viewpoints within the Broadwindsor Group Parish. This will be a collaborative project of BGP CLT and the Parish Council.

If you would like to know more or have ideas, suggestions or contributions, please contact either:
Sheila Hawkins
or Dorothy Rowe (drowe@broadwindsorgroup.gov.uk)
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